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Breed Info

Breed Overview:

         Currently there are only three types of Creepy Ponies:

  • Mortal – created by Celesté and Huron (see main characters)

  • Vampiric – created by Skotadí (Extra fangs that are sharper & longer)

  • Volcanic – created by Rulan (Cracked fire legs)

There are very distinctive traits and lifestyle characteristics that set them apart from one another.


Breed Traits and Characteristics:

         All Creepy Ponies possess front canines, elongated front fangs and horns of some kind. They range from 14 HH – 18 HH in height and have an average lifespan of 100 years. Their bodies are much stronger than the normal equine and thus does not scar or mark easily despite their fangs and horns. Both sexes can be mane less. Pairs are ‘married’ and only have one mate for their entire lives (Mates is something the Creepy Ponies take very seriously). Male Creepy Ponies growl similar to wolves or bears and snap their jaw quickly to make a sharp sound. Females can snap theirs as well though it is a more high pitched and sharper sound. This is standard across all three breeds.


Please note the following for mares and stallions:



  • MUST have grinding molars

    • exception is only if the mare is 100% Vampiric

  • Manes and tails are longer than stallions

  • Herbivores unless they are in foal, then will have a strict diet of meat

  • Regardless of breed, they can safety have twins though twins are very rare.

  • Usually hold higher standing in herds



  • MUST have all canines.

  • Larger horns

  • Strictly carnivore unless 100% Vampiric

  • Naturally taller than mares

    • MUST be a minimum of 16 HH

    • Any shorter is unusual

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