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Main Characters


Sparrow is the adoptive daughter to the King of Kings and resides in Red Meadow. She is the direct descendant of Celesté and Huron but does not know it. Being one of the only members of the herd to not be able to use magic, she has a different perspective. Constantly arguing with the enforcer whom she finds interesting and cannot seem to stay away from. 

  • Commander of the sentinels

  • Cannot use magic

  • Feather is from her mother Celesté

  • Stands at 16.3 hands


Honey has a heart of gold despite permanently having to wear her hind leg supports. She brings happiness and laughter to the herd so the members are overly protective of her. Being naturally aloof she can wander into danger but her friends are never far behind. You'll often find her laying and sun bathing under the watchful eyes of Medallion and Heleon who seem to have taken to guarding her when she does. They take this 'guarding' seriously causing them all to laugh. 

  • Not a mean bone in her body

  • Aloof

  • Stands at 14 hands


Heleon was born weak and frail causing his elder brother Venum to bully and abuse him when their father wasn't around. During such a time Heleon fled the herd to save his life only to have his brother chase him down and then left him for dead. He survived and grew to become one of the most feared stallions in the four herds, his attention set on the princess of Red Meadow for the mysterious hold she has. His curiosity causes him to take pacts he never thought he would, dark and fluent in sarcasm, he's quite the character and he knows it. 

  • Second son of king Wrath

  • Cursed by Skotadí

  • Enforcer to the four herds

  • Stands at 23 hands


Tari is the daughter of two of Red Meadow's kings guards and is expected to follow in her parents hoof prints. Due to her pure heart she was blessed by Vesta, Goddess of water and sports fins that open and close due to her emotions. Along with her fins, she was given the power to heal wounds varying from; lacerations, fever, and small breaks to life threatening injuries. Her healing ability is a close guarded secret of Red Meadow and not even the other kings know about it, for the more serious the injury, the larger the toll on Tari. Due to being mistaken for another mare during a bachelor raid, Tari was taken where she met Medallion...where he didn't make the best of first impressions. 

  • Fated mate to Medallion

  • Resides in Red Meadow

  • Stands at 16.3 hands


Medallion lost the only family he had left, his elder brother Emblem when he was a young colt when rogue Vampirics attacked. In order to save Medallion, Emblem grabbed his leg and threw him off a cliff into the water below. Celesté the All Mother was watching and saved Medallion but could not save his brother. She blessed the colt with feathers to cover the scar left by Emblem and changed the colors to match his coat in honor of him. 

  • Fated mate is Tari

  • Sentinel of Red Meadow

  • Suffers from night terrors

  • Held prisoner for 7 years by the Vampirics

  • The necklace/earring combo is from his deceased brother

  • Stands at 19 Hands tall


Lex is part of Heleon's band of stallions. Being a Volcanic he grew up in Talinoot before joining the ranks. He has a heart of gold, one of Heleon's most trusted friends and has an outrageous sense of humor! He is partially deaf and only Heleon, Medallion and Reid are able to communicate with him via snapping their jaw extremely quickly, making a sound only Lex can hear. The embers on his shoulders are a blessing from Rulan. Embers go into his ears and near a skull's jaw that is speaking, enabling him to hear them at a very very muffled tone. Due to his lack of hearing, he is known for his super sharp sense of smell.

  • Has a crush on Honey

  • Close with Heleon and Reid

  • Strict diet of rocks and minerals, very rarely seen consuming large game

  • Stands 19 hands


Reid is practically Heleon's brother due to Reid taking all of the punishment and anger Venum had. All of his scars are from the night he helped Heleon escaped, no skull knows what happened to him afterward but whatever did made Reid unable to sate his hunger. Due to this he is known as a extremely danger and unpredictable Vampiric that should be avoided. He is Heleon's second in command and usually scouts out things that need to be investigated.

  • Saved Heleon 

  • Crushes on Tanzi

  • Deadliest track in the Four Kingdoms

  • Constantly hungry

  • Super sarcastic, enjoys starting and finishing a fight

  • Stands 20 hands


Perkin is a member of the Royal Three and elite group of Outriders that answer to Rayven. He is known to be one of the laziest outriders to exist and tends to spend most of his time lounging around. Despite being lazy, Perkin is known throughout the Four Kingdoms as the fastest skull alive. His speed is legendary and thus he carries some of the Kingdoms most important messages. When he uses his speed, there is a loud sonic like boom that appears after him as the ground burns under his hooves. He tends to stick close with the other two outriders, Adedah and Tempest skulls that he has a brotherly bond with.

  • Lazy

  • Nicknamed 'Hot Shot'

  • Part of the Royal Three

  • Witty, sarcastic and always happy

  • Stands 18 hands


Adedah is another member of the Royal Three and he tends to keep wandering even when he completes his duties. Answering mostly to Rayven and using his status to spy on the young king Winchester. Due to being chosen as one of the Royal Three, he was sent to the pits where most of his injuries are from. Despite his massive tail that he issues as a weapon he has spiked in all four hooves that are sharp and cause a lot of damage for those chasing after him. With his color, he blends in to his winter landscape and never sleeps long making him a hard one to track, let alone catch. 

  • Wanderer

  • Nicknamed 'The Killer Kicker'

  • Part of the Royal Three

  • Quiet and grumpy

  • Stands 16.3 hands

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