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The Four Kings 
side Characters


Ervor lost his entire family during the War of the Vampirics; his grandfather, both parents, two older brothers and his younger twin brother and sister. He was the heir to a throne with no one to guide him. Rulan could feel the colt's heart shatter and refused to stand by and do nothing. Rulan not only saved the colt but raised him, using the stories he heard from his followers. Ervor's opal on his chest was a parting gift from Rulan, it stands in place of his heart which shattered the day he lost his family.

  • Raised by Rulan God of Fire & Love

  • Fire Opal on chest is embedded - opal is VERY durable and hot (temperature)

  • Immune to fire

  • Does NOT like water

  • Stands at 19 hands


Venum is the Vampiric Prince of the Dead Forest. Having a deep desire to take his father's throne and then to take over all four herds. He wants to rule by fear. He believes that the Vampirics should be allowed to feed and hunt like the other breeds and since no one listens, he takes comfort in Skotadí the God of Darkness and Corruption. This not a stallion any member wants to ever run into. 

  • Vampiric Prince

  • Son of King Wrath, elder brother to Heleon

  • Feeds only on mortals

  • Stands at 18 hands


Machete is the elder brother to B and the older half brother to Tanzi. He was raised since he could walk to fight by his mother and father. His father was known throughout the four herds as one of the most lethal and brutal fighters, Machete followed in those hoof beats. He was forced to spar with his father and train his younger brother B; this is the reason the brothers do not get along. Machete was forced constantly to take it too far and thus battles with himself about his younger brothers upbringing. Machete had enough one day watching his father and brother fight and ended up killing his own father. Becoming the heir to the Berserker line.

  • Eldest of the Berserker offspring

  • Dislikes all of his siblings, except for sister, Tanzi

  • Lives to fight

  • Wounds from his father and brother

  • Stands at 18 hands


B is smaller than Machete and also doesn't have the natural aggression that comes with being a Berserker. Due to that he had it really rough with his father's training schedule and often was beaten till he couldn't stand. He knows that his brother saved his life but all of the damage for their relationship has been broken. B talks​ more than his brother but tends to come off harsher than he intends. He doesn't have many if any friends and enjoys being alone or sparring with the other guards. 

  • Second of the Berserker offspring

  • Highly dislikes his brother Machete

  • Avoids confrontation with his brother

  • Wounds from his father and brother

  • Stands at 17 hands


Tanzi is the only mare born out of the Berserker line, being the youngest half sister to Machete and B. She was handed her rank by Ervor who wanted to replace Blakhart due to incompetence. Tanzi takes her job very seriously and is highly respected in Talinoot. Due to her Berserker blood, she only has one small marking one her left front showing her lineage. She is very sweet natured compared to her brothers. 

  • Berserker female

  • Sister to Noxjaw, half sister to Machete and B

  • Sweet natured

  • Stands 16 hands

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